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Our Team

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Specializing in epigenetics and developmental biology

Cedars-Sinai Cancer


Specializing in cancer biology and functional genomics


Cedars-Sinai Cancer

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Specializing in cancer immunology and medical oncology


Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Institute

Test Tubes

More than 50 years of


The BCGSP will unite the expertise of three nation leading laboratories, each tackling the question of sex as a biological variable from a unique and complementary standpoint: epigenetics, cancer biology/functional genomics, and immunology. We have a proven history of collaboration—with nine joint publications since 2017 and multiple co-authored papers in the pipeline. See our areas of interest below:

P01 Team

See our extended list of leaders spearheading the three projects we have in line, funded by the P01 grant from the National Cancer Institute

Androgens, the primary male sex hormone, has been shown to increase bladder cancer risk.

Select genes on the X chromosome may act as sex-biased tumor suppressors.

Epigenetic modifiers such as demethylases have been linked to slowing tumor growth.

Patrolling T cells in the bladder tumor microenvironment may be compromised in males.

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